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i am a ghost here XD sorry

Posted by Akari19 - October 14th, 2016

sorry for lack of any type of art, i am very selective to what i post to what site. as i put my art to the test as see what draws the most intrest. or what would do well  or not.

Newsgroungs- for good art only, rarely a terrible one  might slip in . but you won't find wips and skeches here. they won't fare well with amazing art that exist allredy . its not worthy to be posted becouse this site is more mature than other  sites that i use. my terrible shite does not belong high stadard of art with this site has.therefore this is not the place for it. but this does help finding out the flaws of my best work instantly 

Deveaintart- for both shite and not  so shite art. the gallery gets cleared rader often. sometimes sells designs and has all the story stuff. almost everything. 

Instagram- another ghost account, sometimes  i post in art dumps only there becouse my buds are there. no other reason. why i am on this site

Facebook- has the my biggest following of all these. but has less interaction than da and newsgrounds combined. i post everything there, no regard if it shit or not. XD but i do not sell anything there. as it somehow seems fishy and not a place for selling art. but perfect place to adventise

Tumblr- i had an account, but it whole site made me bored faster than any maths lesson so its fropped.

Twitter - most likely had an account long ago but its a ghost account.

Toyhouse- i am ghost there to

if you guys do want to find me or actylly talk to me , join DA as i am there 24/7 plus facabook or other ones other sites that i listed.

and my site someday it will be done XD









Comments (3)

Awesome! Good luck on your art career

thanks, but i sill have a long way to go

You've made a lot of great progress since you've joined the Art Portal, and I'm very happy to see your pieces of art there!

So you post stories on dA? Have you submitted anything to the Writing Portal in the Community Forum?

nope, cause my writing is awful

Is it? Hm maybe cut 'n paste and/or rearrange the better bits?

nah, the good art takes a while to do. while tradiosail art is not that impressive